Material Aid

The Guatemala Adoptive Families Network works with partner organizations to provide material aid in Guatemala consistent with our mission.

Our current material aid recipients are:

In the past we have also supported the Guatemala Stove Project, which builds cooking stoves and provides other resources to improve the health of women and children in indigenous villages in the Guatemalan Altiplano. Prior fundraising efforts have generated over $15,000 for this project, enough to build stoves for more than 100 families. We continue to accept contributions for the Stove Project, but it is not the current focus of our fundraising efforts.

To contribute to these projects please send your contribution to:

Guatemala Adoptive Families Network
P.O. Box 176
Watertown, MA 02471

Please make your check payable to Guatemala Adoptive Families Network and mark it for the project that interests you, or for material aid generally. You can also make a contribution when you join the Network.

100% of Material Aid contributions go to the material aid projects. The Network is dues-supported and does not take any administrative or other fees from material aid contributions.

At this time contributions are not tax-deductible because neither the Network nor the Stove Project have yet been organized as charitable organizations. We expect to apply for and receive US charitable, tax-exempt status for the Network, but this takes time. We ask that you consider the difference your contribution can make in the lives of the people who will benefit from it, and then contribute to this project despite the fact that no tax deduction is available right now.